Welcome to Sandbolet

The farm Sandbolet dates back to the late 19th century. It is situated in beautiful Asige, a small village in a district well known for its cultural traditions. The farm has been in the family since the early 1900.


Vegetables and fruits were previously grown at the farm to be sold at markets in midHalland. Plants still have an important role and the farmhouse is surrounded by a garden, including a large herb garden (about 300 species, marked in Swedish and Latin). A beautiful beech hedge marks the entrance and gives a special atmosphere to Sandbolet.


We (Roland and Berit) can help you to arrange a special occasion, a function or course at Sandbolet. The barn can take up to 60 persons and you can also enjoy our displays focusing on nature and culture. The old wash house can take smaller groups, up to 25 people. You are of course welcome just to visit the garden and have a look at the displays.


We offer accommodation in a flat on the second floor of our farmhouse. The flat has 4 beds and 2 extra beds are available in another room. The flat is suitable for self-catering and have a fully equipped kitchen. The flat also has its own shower and WC. We also serve breakfast on request. Spending a night in the flat allows you a nice view over the surrounding landscape.


Sandbolet offer weekend courses focusing primarily on natural history, the environment and culture. Courses during the year covers traditional painting, herbs and medicinal plants, vegetarian cooking and edible mushrooms, Christmas traditions, botany and gardening. For dates and more details do not hesitate to contact us (for telephone numbers and e-mail, see back cover).


We can also come to you and present seminars and lectures especially about herbs and mushrooms. Our material will be an experience for your eyes, nose and stomach.

Our hope is that each visitor to Sandbolet should experience a pleasant stay and hopefully come home with a little "aha" and some new knowledge.

Sandbolet is part of the "Ekomuseum" portfolio (watch out for the signs), which includes various sites of both natural and cultural interest in the lower Ätran valley. Only in Asige can you visit the home of the late painter and photographer Severin Nilsson, the old church (13th century grounds) and "Hagbard's gallow".


Address:  Berit och Roland Alexandersson  Asige Sandbolet 130 31050 Slöinge, Sweden

Tfn. 00 46 (0)346-42100 or 0708-421700

Mail: roland@sandbolet.com